In this blog post, this one simple rule to finding your true purpose in life, will help you understand how to live a more fulfilled life. You will identify your passions that can be monetized and turn into a sustainable business by using the Japanese concept, Ikigai. In sharing with you my success tips and […]

One Simple Rule to finding Your True Purpose


In this blog post, I share the 7 Things people don’t tell you about starting a business. The first one no one talks about is our expectations! “Expectation is the root of all heartache” – William Shakespeare Although, preparation is the key to breakthrough! If you expect a certain outcome from your efforts, but you […]

7 things people don’t tell you about starting a Business


Creating and sharing your core company values helps you find your ideal clients. A core Company Culture is emergent and unique to each Company Organisation. After reading this blog post, I hope you will feel empowered by learning how to create your own company values which will allow you to share them to attract your […]

Creating and sharing your Core Values


As an entrepreneur or new business owner, you might wonder when do you need a roadmap for your business. I know you are facing various challenges and pains. After reading this post, I hope you will feel motivated to implement a game plan that will allow you to enjoy more clarity about the direction your […]

When do you need a Roadmap for your business?

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