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Your business is up and running and you need to manage your employees, prepare for taxes and ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

You need a basic comprehensive solution that will not ruin your budget.

Features include:

✔  Everything from the Departure Package
✔  Simple Payroll Services 
✔  Monthly Tax Profile Management 
✔  All Tax Return preparations & submissions

 your cruising package

Get access to unlimited email support, a team that is dedicated to answer your business questions, point you in the right direction and provide you with Business Boosters to accelerate your actions


Get access to a business membership - a vault of business resources to help you take the next steps in your business with the support and knowledge you need


Your Tax Practitioner will prepare, calculate and submit your
  • EMP201 Returns monthly, 
  • VAT201 returns bi-monthly, 
  • EMP501 returns bi-annually, 
  • IRP6 returns bi-annually and 
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns Annually

tax compliance 

You get access to a registered Tax Consultant & Practitioner to assist with the managing of your e-filing profile, correspondence from SARS and updating of RAV01 forms

tax practitioner 

You get access to our Online Payroll Software (if you want to do your own payroll) or a registered Payroll Consultant to process your employees' payslips monthly, weekly or fortnightly
*3 employees included in this package

simple payroll 

Access to Cloud Accounting Software, E.A.S.Y Bookkeeping, a Registered Accountant, compiled Annual Financials and Business Advisory

departure package 

your cruising package allows you to keep your business running smoothly with these features


- Josh Turner

"This package is exactly what a small business needs to be hands-free and focused on actually making money, this is brilliant!"

- Cathy Smith

"For the first time my business is up to date with all taxes and it feels liberating. Well done and keep up the good work!"


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